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With us, the stock went to delivery when the ordered products were shipped by the producer / publisher. Because their delivery times have become extremely long at the moment, they are now on reservation until the day they arrive. By paying for this reservation, your order will be sent to you immediately upon arrival. You can also reserve products by sending an email to sales@mixmediastore.com. You will receive an invoice from us when the product (s) is / are available. We will contact you for combined orders.

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Payment option “Order and pay later”

Because the products with a pre-subscription discount can often be delivered later, it is not attractive to pay for these products in advance. To prevent this, we have added an extra payment method with which you can place the order but only receive an invoice when the product (s) are available. Also useful for combined orders where one or more products are not available. This payment option also applies to the reservation of products. In the checkout you will find this payment option under “ORDER AND PAY ON ACCOUNT”. The product will be reserved for you when it is available.

WLE 56 met trein betonnen tunneldelen voor metro in Kopenhagen bij voormalige blokpost Deves bij Salzbergen. Trein komt uit Spelle, 12-02-2021.-SF
Prent opening _Amsterdam-Haarlem 1839
Saalfeld 1980
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